Firstmonie POS Agent Onboarding

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Become a Firstmonie POS Agent with ZeroTen Technologies and First Bank of Nigeria

Exciting news! Ome Chukwuemeka, the lead developer at ZeroTen Technologies, has been honored as a Firstmonie Ambassador by First Bank of Nigeria Plc. This prestigious role empowers him to onboard new POS agents onto the Firstmonie platform, and we are thrilled to extend this incredible opportunity to you. Becoming a Firstmonie POS agent through the Firstmonie Ambassador program is a smart move for anyone looking to enhance their business, increase their income, and contribute to financial inclusion. Here’s why you should get onboard:

1. Lucrative Business Opportunity

As a Firstmonie POS agent, you tap into a lucrative business opportunity. Earn commissions on every transaction processed through your POS terminal. With the increasing demand for convenient banking and payment services, your earning potential is significant.

2. Boost Your Business Income

Enhance your existing business by offering additional services such as cash withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and airtime purchases. These services attract more customers to your business, increasing foot traffic and boosting your overall income.

3. Trusted Brand Partnership

First Bank of Nigeria Plc is one of the most trusted and reputable banks in the country. By becoming a Firstmonie POS agent, you associate your business with a strong and reliable brand, instilling confidence and trust in your customers.

4. Comprehensive Support and Training

As a Firstmonie Ambassador, Ome Chukwuemeka is committed to your success. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure you are fully equipped to operate your POS terminal effectively. Our training covers everything from device setup to customer service, ensuring you can provide top-notch services to your customers.

5. User-Friendly Technology

Firstmonie POS terminals are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for you to perform transactions quickly and efficiently. The seamless technology ensures smooth operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing customer satisfaction

6. Financial Inclusion Impact

By becoming a Firstmonie POS agent, you play a vital role in promoting financial inclusion in your community. You provide essential banking services to people who may not have easy access to traditional banking facilities, helping them manage their finances more effectively.

7. Flexible Working Hours

Enjoy the flexibility of managing your POS business on your terms. Whether you want to operate full-time or part-time, you have the freedom to choose your working hours, allowing you to balance this opportunity with your other commitments.

8. Expand Your Business Network

Joining the Firstmonie POS network opens doors to new business opportunities and connections. You’ll become part of a broader network of agents and business owners, fostering collaboration and growth.

9. Marketing and Promotional Support

As part of the Firstmonie program, you receive marketing and promotional support to help attract customers. This includes promotional materials, advertising support, and strategic guidance to boost your visibility and sales.

Ready to Get Started?

Becoming a Firstmonie POS agent through the Firstmonie Ambassador program is a step towards financial growth and business success. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to partner with First Bank of Nigeria Plc and leverage the benefits of being a Firstmonie POS agent.

Contact us today to start your journey as a Firstmonie POS agent. Together, we’ll make banking accessible and convenient for everyone.

For more information and to register, contact us at +2348067470746 or register through this link and we will contact you!.