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We build high quality Software, Websites, Mobile Apps and Games that can scale to over Hundred million (100m) active monthly users

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Nigeria's Number One Website, Mobile App and Software Design Company!

We are a team of professional techie's that are passionate to build not only quality products for our clients but also make it affordable.

We build software products from the ideation stage and manage it until it becomes ten times better that its competing product, hence the name zero ten. Which means Zero to Ten

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Build Products

We build battle tested products that can withstand a very high usage. Be it a website, mobile app, software, games, API, Plugins, Extensions etc. Projects we build are very secure. We make the efforts to protect them from cyber attacks

Co-Found a Product

We serve as Chief Technology Officer to any person interested in a partnership to build a product. We move the product from the Ideation stage to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage.

Market and Scale a Product

We help our clients get a minimum of 1000 registered users. We also scale the product by adding extra features that are gotten from users feedbacks or research

Maintain the Product

We run routine maintenance checks on all the products we build. This means we manage the entire codebase and upgrade any aspect that need upgrading



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Our Services

Website Design

We build quality web apps that has unique interface and user friendly. The websites we build are usually within allocated budget

Mobile App Design

We build iOS apps, Android apps and Windows apps. Basically all the apps we build are usually cross-platform

Software Design

We build software that has an efficient memory management and can run on MacOs, WindowsOS and Linux Systems.

Games Design

We develop games using game engines like Unreal, Unity, Urchine etc. We also build games using a custom game engine. We go as far as creating your charaters for the game


We create high resolution animations for either cartoons, advertising etc in 2D's or 3D's

Augmented Reality

We build both augmented reality and virtual reality products. They are both the same thing but with a slight difference on the environment. While augumented reality is for the real world, virtual reality is for the virtual world

Digital Marketing

We help our customers market the products we build for them by getting them their first 1000 registered users. The websites we build most especially are designed with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind

Business Registration

We can assist you to register your business within Nigeria.

Our Products

We have various approached to the products that we build

In House and Partner Products

We have many products that we have built and lunched. We also have products that are still under development and will be lunched as soon as they are ready. We usually encourage our staff to build products in exchange for equity

We are also open to outside collaboration to build products in exchange for a percentage share of the product

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Computer Programming School

We have and efficient and effective coding school called LearnCoding Nigeria. The curriculum at this school is designed to train any interested individual on various aspect of the services we offer

  • By attending our coding, you will master the fundamental of any computer programming language.
  • You have the chance to either intern with us or work with us.
  • You can also setup your own tech company with our assistance or get a job at a tech company with our assistance as well.
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Our Portfolio

check out an array of various products we have built over the years

  • All
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software
  • Games
  • Animations

Budget Overview

This is serving as cost forcast for your project. Additional costs may apply based on the nature of your project. The pricing you see below is the minimum cost for your project based on the scope and nature

Starter Plan


  • Website or Mobile App
  • Shared Hosting
  • Pre-registered users (20 maximum)
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • API Design
  • Cloud Hosting on ZeroTen Cloud

Enterprise Plan


  • Website and Mobile App and Software
  • Pre-registered users (100 maximum)
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • API Design
  • Cloud Hosting on ZeroTen Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take you to finish my project?

Depending on the nature of the project and if you have provided us with the needed resources and financing, we usually take between 14 working days to 3 months. We often times communicate our customers if there are any delays on our part in the cause of the project execution based on unforseen circumstances.

2. What percentage deposit should I make before you start the project design?

We usually accept a minimum deposit of 50% of the overal cost.

3. What if I am no longer interested in continuing the project?

We have a refund policy in place and we usually refund unapplied funds to you and terminate the project thereafter. Unapplied funds include funds that where not spent on the project. Examples of things we must spend money on are domain name, hosting, digital marketing, data access etc These funds will not be refunded

4. What if I need extra features to be added to the project after lunching?

We have a retainer fee structure in place that is usually not less than ₦13,500 per month and subject to upward review based on some factors. Instead of paying us to add such a feature, the retainer fees covers the expenses. So if you anticipate that you will be needing additional features in your project, we recommend that you retain our services immediately after the project execution. The retainer fees also covers routine maintenance of the project

5. Can we partner together to build a product?

Yes! we accept partnership and collaborations. The details of such partnership is usually discussed and legal papers drafted before the commencement of the project. We do not provide monetary resource into the partnership or collaboration rather what we provide is the technical manpower to execute the project. Visit our Co-founder page to learn more about this

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